Om Beach / Kudle Beach / Gokarna Beach
Gokarna, Karnataka, India

  • Enjoy

    Beach side!!!!

    What more can one ask for than a beach side property and another that is just a stone's throw from the beach and accommodation set in a rustic, reclusive and serene green environment.

  • Location

    Distinctively extraordinary

    Set around the spiritually charged and religiously significant town of Gokarna with spectacular beaches and wonderful hills; with dolphin spottings and secluded beaches.

  • Magical

    Sunrise, sunset and everything in between

    Captivating sunrises and spell binding sunsets, never ending beaches enveloped by hills, alluring waters and greenery all around..

  • Relax

    "Organic" relaxation

    Natures elements - Sun, Water and fresh Air in abundance and the green all around provide the perfect elixir for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Namaste Atithya @ Gokarna

A day that begins with a breathtaking sunrise, a beach with sand that feels like silk beneath your feet, the sea painted in long smooth stokes of colours defined by the time of the day. Towards the evening before sunset, the sky fills with magical wonder, a sight that has left many spellbound...followed by a view of the sun swallowed by the sea... Where one hears the sound of sea and feels the coolness of the breeze while the sun shines. Where fun and peace co-exist. This is the average day at any of the Namaste Atithya Properties. "Nature provides, We leverage".

Namaste Atithya currently has two properties, Namaste Café & Namaste Sanjeevini located on Om Beach and Kudle Beach respectively; Namaste Samudra is slated to come right on the Gokarna beach away from the bustle for the season 2015-2016 season.

Our Properties: Namaste Café, Namaste Sanjeevini, and soon ....Namaste Samudra

"Namaste Café" and "Namaste Sanjeevini" have a wide variety of rooms. Basic rooms with common toilets, dorm rooms in addition to standard rooms, rooms with a view of the beach, AC rooms etc. Our rooms sometimes are affected by the effects of rainfall that dominates for a good part of the year. We however strive to do our best for your comfortable stay.

Namaste Café is located adjacent to the beach with accomodation suiting people who want just want a rest between their beach times. There is a multi-cuisine restaurant that caters to varied tastes of the tourists.

Namaste Sanjeevini is located at a four minute, 200 metre walk (average) from the beach and has its rooms in the midst of a green environment colocated with a large Yoga deck for you to practice or to conduct workshops or yoga programs. Facilities include, a large swimming pool (16 meters by 9.25 meters), super-king beds, hot water kettle, refrigirator, In room electronic locker, a blissful Yoga deck, hot water geyser in the bathroom, a selection of teas (Black and Green).

Namaste Samudra will be located on the Gokarna Beach and is the ideal location for someone who doesn't want a distinction between the beach and the accommodation. With rooms on the beachfront and agricultural farmland for a backyard, this is a veritable paradise. We are in the process of approvals before we start constructing and getting it ready at the earliest. Stay posted to know the developments.